Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading is an ancient facial hair removing technique. Threading can be used on the entire face including upper lip, chin, sideburns and forehead.

Eyebrow Threading is well known in India and Middle East countries. Many people believe eyebrow threading is less painful than other methods of hair removal.

The best part of threading is NO USE of  wax, tweezers or razors.
And finally, properly done eyebrows can make a BIG difference in enhancing the appearance of the face.


FACIAL cleans, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin. It is the most popular treatment in salon and spas to take care of the skin. The deep pore cleaning facial cleanses away blockages of pores through gentle cleaning and deep extraction.

A unique massage, specially to preserve the youthful qualities of the skin. It helps nutrition to skin and giving it a long lasting youthful glow.

Finally, mask helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tightens the skin leaving fresh and radiant. We offer facials for all kinds of skin



Waxing is considered as the quickest method of hair removal of
unwanted hair from the body. It is one of the most proffered methods of getting rid of unwanted body hair.

Waxing gives the skin a smooth and fresh look, keeping skin hair free for 3 to 4 weeks.It helps in removal of dead cells from the skin.
Regular waxing can help the hair grow back softer and slower.


Henna Tattoo

Our tattoo artists have the experience and tools to provide professional body art and tattoo services. We will help you choose a design, The placement of the design and the tattooist you prefer.

If you have something specific in mind and want a custom tattoo we do that too!  Whatever your reason for getting inked, our staff will make sure that you end up with a tattoo that you’ll love for a lifetime.


Hair (Cut & Colour)

Hair Colour Services are some of our most popular services in our salons and giving our guests a top-notch professional experience is something we pride ourselves on.

Great style comes from great communication and listening. That’s why before our stylists pick up the scissors or products we sit down with every new client for a free consultation. By developing a great relationship with each and every client, we get to know your personal style and produce a look specific to your individuality. Whether you’re in for a complete change in style, or just updating your classic look, Hair Design Mona Salon is here to take care of all your beauty needs.